Beauty Products Of The Week!

Happy Sunday! I am looking forward to this week because I am attending two exciting events. I’ll be attending the Kimmie Award Media Brunch and Macy’s Black History Month Event! Both events are on Thursday, so two outfit changes are needed. I can’t wait to share pictures from both events with you and details on what I am wearing. This week’s beauty products will be from two of my favorites, natural and chemical free bath and body care. 


Butta Natural Body care

All of my ingredients come from natural raw butters and essential oils. There are no colorants added and we are 100% Vegan-friendly. 

Pink Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs

Macadamia & Shea Butta

Pink Salt & Rose Soak

Mango Butta Body Scrub








Body By Miriam Be

Offers luxury skin and hair care products that give you excellent results and a Peace of Mind. Use of my products results in extra bath time enjoyment what I call A Skin Loving Experience.