My Fashion Pick of the Week!

Every girl has her favorite item in her closet that she just can’t get enough of! Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a top, pants, or handbag, you just can’t seem to separate yourself from them. Believe me, I am overwhelmed with favorite items in my closet, and I would like to share them with you weekly. You see I said weekly…… so from that you can imagine what my closet looks like!

Here is my favorite fashion pick  for this week: My Michael Kors Hamilton Bag. I love this bag so much, and it brings me so much joy! Ladies, I am so serious right now, you have to get one! Take a look….

Michael Kors Hamilton Stud Quilted tote bag!

Michael Kors Hamilton Bag! You can find this bag @,, some colors on sale @ and @ great prices! Also you can start a bid for them on eBay for as low as $24! This will be money well spent!

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote Bag

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