Blogger Style: Openwork Trousers

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This weekend, the Douglass High School class of ’85 had a Spring Social. It was a “Screen on the Green” event and we all watched the classic movie, “Purple Rain!” As a teenager, this was one of my favorite movies and I must have watched it over a hundred times-I knew every word and song in this film!
This was a wonderful event and I had a lot of fun. I decided to wear what I call my “outdoor sexy” but fun look so choosing these crochet black pants by Mango was an easy pick! I wore them with a top that I saw at another store which matched perfectly. These are the perfect summer trousers! With the openwork pattern and inner lining, you can wear them for events like music festivals, pool parties and any vacation travel!
These trousers have a sexy, flowy appearance and the fit is very comfy. Simply team these pants with any crop top and you’ll have the perfect, “outdoor-fun” outfit!





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