Lust Vs Must: Suede Fringe Boots

Trending now: Fringe Boots! One of my clients sent me a picture of the Alexa Wagner Nelli boots and ask me to find her an inspired copy. Being the best personal shopper as well as a great stylist, I had no problems finding a pair that were on point! The Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry are to die for! Not only are they cheaper but they look better. Looking at the LUST boot it is unique in style and will definitely turn heads but the MUST speaks volume! It is unique in style and trust people will be asking all night where did you get those boots! The Chinese Laundry fringe boots is chic in style and you could wear this with your skinny jeans or a suede mini skirt. In this Lust Vs Must the MUST wins!

Lust Vs Must!


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