Styling Ideas For The Office Holiday Party

While working at Nordstorm in the dress department, I met a lot of women who came in looking for dresses for their office holiday parties. They didn’t want anything too fancy because it was just an office party and they would have to be there all day. So, what would be the perfect look that could take them through their 16-hour day? It was an easy task for me to find the perfect style, while keeping the look office-ready for work but festive for the evening event! We all know that a LBD is perfect for all occasions and it’s easy to dress up or down, but sometimes it feels better to step outside the box and try other colors. Burgundy is one of the hottest colors this season and you could also go for a subtle red to wear to the office party. With most of the dresses I selected in this post, it’s as simple as adding a metallic belt and gold accessories. Keep your shoes polished and sleek and add a jacket to wear around the office. You could also bring an extra pair of shoes, as well as jewelry, to change your look for the holiday party. However you choose to wear your look for the office party, try not to panic. Think simple and outside of the box by doing this-it will make shopping for the right look easy or you may have something in your closet you can wear. Check out my picks and the styling ideas you can use to help pull off the perfect look!

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