Blogger Style: Double Breasted Trench Coat!

I walked into New York And Company last week to make a return and look what I found, a fabulous GREEN trench coat! You know how it feels ladies, when you come across something that you’ve always wanted and the price is right too! It’s a feeling of so much joy that you could literally run around the store screaming YESSSSSS! I normally don’t do blogger styles twice in a week, but I wanted to give you ladies the opportunity to purchase a colorful trench coat for the Spring. This classic style coat is so elegant, but with color it can amp up any style! So, refresh your Spring wardrobe and add this must-have essential to your wardrobe. It is perfect for those rainy cool days and its looks great for any occasion. Even if you are running to the market, this coat will help you pull off the freshest street style!

trench coat


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