The Gift Of Fragrance For Him & Her

My favorite fragrance designer of the season is Vince Camuto! I am in love with the fragrance Bella Vince Camuto Eau de.  It is a blend of nectarine blossoms, jasmine water and Italian bergamot. The scent is light and refreshing and perfect for everyday wear. As a gift for my son,  I purchased the Vince Camuto Solare Gift Set. He is only 18, but is at an age where he wants to smell good for the young ladies. He normally wears AXE, but I wanted to surprise him with a more mature scent, since he is now a senior in high school (lol). Giving the gift of fragrances is a great idea and you can never have too many options. When purchasing a fragrance,  keep in mind the persons age, and previous scents that they’ve used. Stay away from the cheap brands and remember gifts sets will include body lotion, shower gels and portable roll-on scent for travel.

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