I Think I Love My Natural Hair?

For African American women, finding the best hair style that works with your everyday routine can be challenging, especially if you like to change your hairstyles regularly, like me.  Going chemical-free can be a huge challenge- it is for me and others that I know personally. At this point in my life,  I don’t feel brainwashed that my hair isn’t beautiful if it is in it’s natural state, but I prefer a straighter look. I love my smooth,  slick bun pulled back tightly from my face, but I have noticed that as I get older, my hair is getting thinner and the chemicals are definitely not helping it. So, I have decided to go natural one more time! My hair looks fuller and healthier when I am natural and I don’t want to have thin and brittle hair. I am sure you all have noticed that I love changing my hair style and right now I am loving the crocheted braids. With this protective hair style,  the stylist cornrows my hair and uses a crochet hook to install the hair. You can add loose,  textured hair or individual braids for this style.  Here are some pictures of what crochet braiding looks like. All styles are by Ms Pk’s Crochet Braids !  Visit her on Instagram @mspkscrochetbraids

Another protective style I would like to try is the #nobraid #sewinweave technique. It can be done on different hair textures. It is one of the must sought-after techniques today for your everyday average woman. It’s easy maintenance allows your scalp to breathe, adds fullness, length, and artificial color to your hair. It also can be refreshed for longer wear. To inquire about this technique contact Shan*tastic via email or at 470-296-1570 for your consultation. Check out the video I posted on how the no-braid sew-in is done.

With the new year arriving in just a few days, this gives me more reason to start the year creating a fresh, healthy start-so here we go one more time! I Love My Natural Hair! My crochet braids are by @a_touch_by_jewell check out her Instagram page!