Shop Like An Expert!

As a personal shopper,  I am always trying to find the best deals on fashions! When I see a deal I can’t pass up, I buy it. It’s easy to shop and score on a pair of shoes, a dress or handbag. The trick is knowing when to shop. If you frequent the mall, don’t shop the front of the store-head straight to the back where you can find markdowns and sale items. Don’t be fooled by the coupons and the store’s cash to spend. Usually when retailers have coupons or store cash, prices are higher and there are too many exclusions.

The best sale is when there is no sale! Retailers like, New York And Company, Old Navy, JCPennys, and Macy’s always have great buys  and of course you can shop off-price retailers like Marshalls and TJ Maxx and save everyday! Another way to shop and save is to buy clothing that are off season. This would be a great time to buy that pair of UGG boots you’ve been dying to own or the black oversized handbag that is on your wish list. This is also a great time to buy jackets and blazers because  most of the fall/winter colors are marked down.

Below, I have some great buys that you can wear now.

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