Sneaking Into Coachella 2017

I know I am not the first to do it  and I am sure I won’t be the last, but I think I might be the first 49 year-old who has tried to sneak into Coachella! I was visiting my girlfriend Lisa in Irvine, California this past weekend and we planned to attend Coachella. Of course we didn’t have tickets and we both had never experienced this popular festival, but our curiosity was high and we wanted to see what the atmosphere is like at this huge event!

She is so cute on her bike!

Since I’ve been blogging, each year I have posted Coachella/music festival styles. I have even created sets and shared my own personal looks on how to dress. So, this year I decided to go to California and see for myself what the big fuss is all about! What I learned is that Coachella is pretty much an exclusive event! There are no outside vendors or exhibitor booths and everything is inside of the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.


Loving their Coachella style! The lace bodysuit, paisley scarf & purple hair just perfect! I also love the sheer lace dress and the crown! They Rock!

Festival chic! The crochet halter with the palazzo pants and sneakers were a great combination. She definitely has the 70s boho style down from head to toe!

We were able to get into the parking area and dressed in our festival styles, we disguised ourselves and blended with the crowd heading toward security. It was extremely hot and dust was blowing every where, but I managed to get some great videos and shots of a few festival looks.  Now, I was really nervous and with ticket prices ranging from $400 to $900, I knew not to ask anything! Getting past security was a breeze and I thought that just maybe I would get in far enough to get a full picture of the ferris wheel!

You know it couldn’t be that easy, unless I made the crazy choice to just run in. Well, with no armband there was no way to get through the checkpoint. So, we decided that, that was as far as we could get. While walking out and taking more pictures,  we were greeted by security and told that we must leave or the police will be called. You should’ve seen our old behinds getting out of there!‍🤣


These young ladies were so fly! Bow Down……!


I took more pictures heading back to the car and we got a free Coachella scarf and night light! Although, we didn’t get in, I was happy that I had a short experience of what this music festival could possibly be like. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t enjoy the heat or the dust and there are just too many people. For me, smaller festivals with vendors and exhibitor booths for all to partake in, works better! My favorite part of Coachella is the fashion and it was nice to see (up close and personal) regular everyday people wearing creative, fashionable festival looks!!

                   I got a free Coachella scarf!😋


More Video!