Product Review: Butta Natural Body Care

Finally, a chemical-free product that works for my dry and sensitive skin! I have used Butta Natural Body Care for a little over two weeks and I am very impressed with this product. My favorite is the Mango Butta. It sells for $12 and is worth every penny. My skin is super dry during the winter and I have to use a moisturizer that will keep my skin hydrated. I also purchased the Butta Bath Brownie and Pink Himalayan Salt bath bombs which did not throw off my PH balance like most bath products. Read more below about Butta Natural Body Care!

Owner April Lopez

Butta Natural Body Care is a chemical –free bath and body care boutique. We feature all natural ingredients in our products which include natural raw butters, essential oils, salts and fragrance oils. Our products are sold in generous sizes and allows you to pamper yourself affordably.

Our bath bombs come in two different varieties: The Bath Brownie and the Himalayan Pink Salt Bomb. Our Bath Brownie looks good enough to eat! These bath bombs will explode in your tub releasing a relaxing tropical fragrance and soothe your body with Epsom salts, essential oils dried rose petals. The Himalayan Pink Salt bath bombs are formulated with fine and course Himalayan Pink Salt and explodes in your bath releasing all of its soothing salts and essential oils. Both bath bombs come in sets of 4.

Butta Bath Brownies (Buy Here) $8

Pink Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs $8 (Buy Here)

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