What To Pack For Your Vacation

My birthday month of July is approaching soon and I am preparing for a trip to Jamaica! I am keeping my vacay wardrobe light, sweet and stylish, of course. When on vacation, you want to be comfy in your clothes and also be cute at the same time. So, what do I pack, you may ask yourself? First, know your vacay itinerary before you start planning what to wear. This will help with selecting the type of clothing and shoes you need to pack.


For instance, I already know I will need a nice dress for one of the events we are attending. I also prefer flats while vacationing because I don’t want to focus on my feet hurting while trying to enjoy each and every moment of my trip. Finding chic and stylish flat sandals and shoes is easy because there are so many styles to choose from. If you have to have some type of heel, opt for a wedge sandal.

Dress – Rachel Roy (HERE) Love this dress! It’s easy to dress up or down. Handbag – Amazon (HERE)


Sun hats and the perfect summer handbag have to be at the top of your list! You should also consider skincare products in travel sizes. The sun will be beaming, so protecting your skin with the right products is important. I must have my coconut water to keep my skin hydrated and for my hair, I use dry shampoo-it is quick and easy.


Wedge Sandal – Guess (HERE)

I’m sharing some of my favorite summer styles for a chic vacation look and beauty products that I use while traveling. Last, but not least, you will need swimwear. Try not to over pack!?

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