Jamaica, Jamaica!

My hubby bought me this dress from BEBE last summer. We stayed at the Sunset At The Palms Resort in Jamaica. They were beach bungalows surrounded by a tropical garden overlooking the Bloody Bay! This maxi worked for our dinner date at the resort.


Hello everyone! I have finally returned from my vacation to Jamaica and the trip was amazing! Yah Mon! I was unable to blog while there because my internet connection was not good. I was upset at first, but I quickly realized it was all for the best. I was able to relax, enjoy and take in all that was around me. I did, however, manage to get some cool style shots to share with you on today’s post. Also, speaking of style, I want to share what I learned about what to pack when preparing for your vacations. I can only share my experience while visiting Jamaica. First, you do need to travel light! I understand we all have this beautiful vision of lying on the beach and walking around a beautiful tropical island and catching the perfect Instagram photo, but honestly, Jamaica was HOT and each excursion we took, pretty much took the entire day! So dressing comfortably is important. For our Black River & YS Falls experience, I wore a swimsuit with a cover-up. I learned that I would need water shoes for a safe experience while walking in the water. We had to bring a change of clothes for most of the tours because all involved getting into the water. I also suggest wearing cotton, knit clothing. I was most comfortable in my knit rompers and sundresses. Take pieces that are easy to slip on and off. I will share some affordable styles you will need below. Swimsuits & cover-ups will be your main go-to, especially if you plan to tour Jamaica. There are many cover-ups you can wear as a dress. You will need a sun hat but not a floppy one-it is too much trouble to pack and there are many stylish options with smaller brims that will protect you from the sun. If you decide to take a long maxi dress, stay away from materials, like rayon, and polyester. If it’s a blend of knit or cotton, you will be fine. You do need a beach bag or tote. They are perfect for carrying the change of clothes and other items you will need for each day. Finally, the shoes! Summer sandals that you can slip on are perfect and pack a good pair of sneakers. Try to pick shoes that will go with most of your looks, if you are like me you don’t want to pay for any overweight baggage. I hope this helps and if you have any helpful tips to share, please leave a comment. I would also like to know where have you vacationed.


Relax & Play! I found this kaftan for only $20! It was during Amazon Prime Day!

My favorite tour was the Black River Safari & YS Falls! You will definitely need swim shoes.


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