About This Weekend…….

This weekend was busy but beautiful! My cousin, Cheryl Foster, got married on Sunday and the family came out to represent. It’s always a special time to reconnect with family members that you haven’t seen in a while and reminisce on all the good times you had together as kids. The venue was gorgeous and while waiting to start the reception, I had the hubby to take a few shots of my wedding guest style. I wore one of my favorite dresses that I sold in my store. I love the color and the lightweight material and it was perfect for this outdoor wedding. The colors for the wedding were red, black and white, so my red dress was perfect. One of my cousins asked if you should coordinate your style with the wedding theme. I told her I don’t think so, but sometimes I like wearing the same colors of the wedding. So I was wondering if there are others like me. As a guest, do you wear the wedding colors?

I love the Falcon Football team theme ?

The flower girl dress was simply lovely! ???

Daughter and Father

??The Bride & Groom??

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