Some Monday Motivation!

Hello everyone! I have been MIA on my blog lately because I have been working on some other business projects. One of my projects involves the Atlanta Fashion Bloggers, which is a meetup group based here in Atlanta. We have a Blogger’s Review once a month in which we share blogging tips, goals and give support to group members. This weekend’s meetup turned out to be more then I expected. With each meeting, we grow and discover new resources that will help us become better bloggers.
One of the things I want to discuss is that these meetings are a part of networking. Networking helps you connect with people who are like-minded.  One person stood out for me at this meeting. She was an elderly woman and my immediate thought was that she came to the wrong room. I  soon found out that I was wrong! She was there like all of us, looking for solutions and resources that would help improve our blogs. Her name is Sara and at 78 she has a blog called “Voice Loss – Sara’s Solution”. No, it isn’t about fashion, but we welcome all bloggers.
I mentioned her age because at 51, I sometimes feel it’s too late. I get discouraged and feel rushed to get things done. But, after meeting this amazing woman and listening to some of her life ventures, I was inspired and realized that it’s really never too late! So, my Monday Motivation to you guys is to have the courage to do what you love and never use any excuse to talk your self out of it. Sara helped me to see that anything is possible and that the point of this entire thing call LIFE is to Live! So, get to living Y’all!

If you are a blogger and need support join The Atlanta Fashion Bloggers??


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