Monday Motivation


Style Trick Tip: I wore the anklet socks to give my booties a fuller look around my ankles.

No hiding who I am or blending in just to be accepted. Wearing a camouflage dress from a local boutique. Boots – BOOHOO.COM (HERE) | Socks- Amazon (HERE) Photographer: Tayla Webster

Today’s Monday Motivation is about how we should stop hiding or trying to blend in, instead of being who we really are. I feel it’s important to let your light shine. If you are good at what you do and you know it, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or say. You should never play yourself down so that others can shine or try to blend in because of doubt. Embrace everything you are because God gifted you and set your destiny for greatness! This week, take off the mask, step out of your confront zone and show them who you really are!

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