Blogger Style: Metallic Jogger Pants


Sweatshirt & Pants -The Gap (Sold Out) Checkout some of their other sweatshirts (Here)| Booties – Similar Styles (Here)

The graphics on my sweatshirt read: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…… Can you guess what movie that is from? Leave a comment below. WATCH MY INSTA STORIES LATER FOR A CLOSER LOOK @OUTOFTHEBOXFASHION1

Happy Friday! The weather has been pretty weird here in Atlanta. One minute it is warm and the next it’s freezing. A lot of people are suffering with colds, including me, but somehow I managed to battle the illness and get back to business. My look today is sporty and fun and makes a chic style for the streets. The sweatshirt and pants are both from The Gap, which I purchased at different times, so I was really happy when I realized that they matched. Actually, I bought the pants for evening wear and the sweatshirt to throw on during the weekends, but hey, where is the rule that says you can’t wear metallic pants during the day? I like wearing outfits that make people ask, “can she do that?”.  Some might say this look is a little too youthful for an old girl like me, but I say you are never too old to put some ‘STYLE’ on your look. Besides, I still feel young at heart, so I am going to dress as I feel! This styling idea is great for any holiday parties you will be attending. Metallic pants will give any outfit a festive look. You could wear with a sweater or turtleneck or for a dressier look, pair with a blouse or sequin top. The holidays came around fast! What will you be wearing to your holiday party?


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