Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday! For today’s motivation, I want to share the importance of collaborating and working together. Since starting my blog in 2012, I have been blessed to meet like-minded women who have given me support and guidance. I was so lost when I first started blogging and most times I had to do some research just to figure out how to set up my blog. This can be difficult, especially when you are not familiar with websites, so what I did was to network and research! I joined blogging and WordPress groups and attended as many meetings as I could, in hopes of gaining knowledge on improving my blog and creating ways to make income.


During my time of networking, I have met some wonderful people-people who have shared their knowledge as well as their services to me, never asking for anything in return. My fellow blogger, Wendy Joseph, of Dressing For Me, has always been supportive of me. For years, we never met in person, but every time I messaged her for advice or with questions, she was always opened to helping me. I was super excited when she invited me to collab with her on a chic, cold weather style shoot. I had a blast working with her and photographer Kaylin James. We both rocked our chic black and red winter ?. We only discussed the color theme and that we would wear a dress, but we both put our own touches on our looks that came together perfectly! Our photos exemplify sisterhood with the elimination of jealousy, competition or “who does it better.” We are two professional women who are successful in our craft, yet can collaborate together, support each other and thrive freely. Let’s start encouraging and supporting one another! There is room for us all to win!

My dress – Shein | Boots – GOJANE (HERE) | Tights -SPANX



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  1. JJ
    January 29, 2019 / 6:48 am

    Dang lady you look GOOD in that dress!! 😉 You both do! You are two beautiful ladies and I have to add you have gorgeous hair. 😉 I love your outfits (i know its not a competition but your shoes are just a lil bit better lol!!) and I hope you both collab again. Hope your blog keeps growing!! x xx

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