Spring Clean & Resale!

It’s time to spring clean and a great time to shop secondhand goods on marketplaces like Poshmark! It’s always a great idea to give away clothing and accessories that you no longer wear or need, but it’s an even better idea to sell them and make 💴! I figured this out years ago when I first started using eBay. I would make a pretty penny selling clothes I could no longer wear or need. I even made more selling my shoes! I mean, I had so many and let’s be honest, you can’t wear them all. My new love is Poshmark! Not only do I sell clothing that I no longer wear, but I also shop and find some pretty good deals too. I have scored shoes for the low that I missed out on when they were in the store! But, the best thing for me is selling my items on Poshmark with the convenience of shipping labels. It’s so easy to start! It’s like having your own online boutique and they connect you with people whose style you adore, allowing you to easily shop their closets and boutiques! I strongly recommend Poshmark and it’s easy to use! It’s a safe way to buy and sell clothes and shoes you know that you will never wear. Check out my Poshmark finds. You can also shop my closet! I have some items for sale that I have worn for my style shoots! Oh, and I do take offers 😘
Poshmark is a quick way to make money to pay for your next vacation or pay off that unwanted debt! You just have to grind by investing quality time to your closet.

I have these sandals in yellow and I was so obsessed with them I had to have them in black and red. I paid a lot less on Poshmark then I paid for the yellow ones.

Here is a side view!

This Michael Kors bag retails for $300, but I got it for $86 on Poshmark!! “WINNING!”

This was for my Jamaica vacation! Most retailers sell this bag for around $30. I scored it for only $12!

I love unique fashion jewelry. Scored this for $7!

This is a great time to shop for your fall/winter style. Everything is markdown! Got this Zara coat for $15! Not only is it fashion-forward but it’s timeless in style.

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