Monday Motivation!

I had an amazing weekend, filled with friends, fashion and mimosas!! The Curvy Expo was in Atlanta this weekend and events were everywhere! A big thank you goes to Jerae, creator of @curvyology for the invite to Happy Hour with Part & Parcel! Part & Parcel provides apparel and clothing for plus sizes 0x-6x. 
On Sunday, I was invited to Medusa, by D’evereux Manis & Mimosas, to experience their products, watch live demos, and of course, to network! I am always excited to attend these types of events because I enjoy meeting people and I never know what to expect. For the most part, I am usually never disappointed, which brings me to my Monday Motivation. 
This week’s motivation is more of a life lesson on our expectations and how we view people. Sometimes, we expect people to be and act a certain way. We set our expectations in people so high and as soon as they show us something different, we become disappointed and hurt. This causes us to guard our hearts to where we don’t let people in. I do believe in the saying, “Peace begins when expectations end.” You should keep your expectations high in God, for His love is everlasting and it never changes. 
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