Who Wears White After Labor Day?

Dress – OTBFASHIONS (HERE) | Handbag – Gift| Clear Pumps – (HERE)

Dress – OTBFASHIONS (HERE) | Handbag – Gift| Clear Pumps – (HERE)

Jacket – OTBFASHIONS (HERE) | Jeans – OTBFASHIONS (HERE) USE CODE LABORDAY TO SAVE 10% OFF YOUR ORDER | Necklace – Kisharose Treasures (HERE) | Clear Sandals – (HERE)

Photos by Kaylin James

This week leads right into the Labor Day weekend! For some of us, this will be a long weekend and the last cookout of the summer. It’s also the last day to wear white for those who follow the old-fashioned rule of not wearing white after Labor Day.  In my opinion, as I have stated before, this rule is so out of style! You can wear white any time you want to. Who made this rule official anyway? 🤷🏿 I love the power look of an all-white outfit. The key is when wearing white separates, make sure that your white matches.  Instead of a pair of white shoes, opt for a metallic or a colorful print to complete your look. I also love the idea of clear heels. The myth that white makes you look bigger, is just not true. It is all in how you wear it. You can wear white and look chic, slim and fabulous. Remember to wear the right undergarments and a style that is flattering to your body type. Also, a white pair of skinny jeans paired with a white top and sexy metallic heel instantly give you a slimmer appearance.  Wear your white ladies and don’t worry about following any style rules.  Let me know your thoughts. Do you follow the “NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY RULE”  or do you wear what you want when you want?

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