Happy International Women’s Women’s Day!

It’s March 8 and a very special day! It’s the first day of International Women’s Week! This year’s theme is #eachforequal! I plan on celebrating gender equality by raising awareness of gender bias and celebrate women’s achievement. It’s time for women to speak up and take a stand for what’s right! I know that I have experienced bias when being interviewed for a job. I remember once being interviewed at Delta Air Lines and was told that I was too pretty to do the job that I applied for and I should consider working in customer service! I was very young then and didn’t really understand how to take that, but I knew it made me feel very uncomfortable. I’ve experienced this more than once. Have you ever experienced gender bias? How do you plan to celebrate International Women’s Week? Please share your thoughts.

An equal world is an enabled world.



Featured Photo by Rebellé Fleur
Collage photos can be found on Unsplash.com


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