Hello March! Happy You Are Here! 🌞

Hello March! I am so happy to see you! We have just a few more weeks left until Spring. It can be a challenge deciding what to wear. This weather is already tricky, but during the Spring, it’s all over the place. You never know what kind of day you’re going to get. One day it’s freezing and the next, it’s warm. You might start the day with the temperature below 45 degrees, but by lunchtime, it’s in the high 70s. 💁🏽‍♀️ With that said, this is the time to pull out your dusters, rain boots, trench coats, and light sweaters. Try layering with pieces that you can remove later during the day as the temperature increases. Rain boots are a must and now there are so many fashionable styles to choose from. I prefer a short, sleek style rain boot but whatever your preference is, incorporate them with your outfit to create a chic stylish look. What I love about the set I am wearing is that I can wear it with or without the duster. Keeping it cute, I can easily tie the duster around my waist. Check out my must-have picks that are available for you to shop and I wish all of you a productive and fashionable week!😘

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