The World’s Toughest Pantyhose!

Hello everyone! Recently, Sheertex gifted me a pair of their pantyhose and I will have to say that they are pretty tough! I did the “Rip Test” and had a couple of people to test them too and they literally don’t tear! They are made from their super-strong Sheer Knit Technology.  I selected the Shaping Sheer in black that is priced at $59. After wearing them for 8 hours, I honestly can say they are now my go-to to wear under my skirts and dresses. They are an essential pair of control top sheers that I don’t have to worry about putting on. I also love the support of the control top and that they have a smooth fit and are breathable! The fact that you get no runs or tears, makes these a great investment. I buy at least 5 – 10 pairs of black pantyhose every year at the average cost of $12 a pair. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten a run or ripped them while putting them on! I am sure that some of you ladies can relate. With Sheertex, you will no longer have to worry about that! These are literally rip-free! If you work a 9-5, Sheertex is definitely the solution to all of your pantyhose issues. Use my code OTBFASHIONS10 to save on a pair today and check out my “Rip Test” below.

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