Happy Friday: It’s The Weekend!

Happy Friday! Lately, Fridays have been just another day. Gone are the days that we are counting down to the weekend. How have you all been holding up? I know for myself, this social distancing has been a bit of a struggle. I hate having the feeling of uncertainty and I miss attending events and having brunch on the weekends. I also miss getting dressed and working outside of the home, but I am learning to find comfort in the chaos and to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.

Speaking of comfort, I now have a different perspective on loungewear. In that first couple of weeks of sheltering in place, I will admit I was in a tee-shirt and PJ pants all day, but  I realized it wasn’t helping my spirit at all. So, I decided to invest in pieces that provided comfort and style-clothing I could wear around the house but also wear to the store to grab some essentials.

If you been following my blog, you know that I have an e-commerce shop, OTBFASHIONS.SHOP. Right now, I have my Not So Basic collection of styles that are perfect for lounging around the house and for stepping out to run errands. You can also wear to the office-it fits right into any woman’s lifestyle,  offering comfort and style. Below, I am wearing a romper, maxi dress, and swing dress. They all have pockets and an amazing fit, but most of all, they are comfortable, chic, and stylish! Visit OTBFASHIONS.SHOP today and use code: GRATEFUL to save 20%. Have a beautiful day!





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Photos by Kaylin James


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