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Hello there! I wanted to check in with you guys and I hope everyone is staying positive and safe. These are some really crazy times and each day I wake up, I am still hoping, “it was all a dream” (in my Biggie’s voice)😅. It only takes a second for me to realize that it’s real and we are still living in this crazy time and wearing a mask is our new normal.
I will have to admit that there are days when I become overwhelmed with mixed emotions. I mean, we are literally living in uncertain times. Trying to have a business and balance it with blogging and working is difficult. My creative energy is definitely on pause and with COVID-19 and social distancing, we can’t travel or have any social events so it’s hard to just get away from it all.
What I am learning is to find ways to balance life with this pandemic and crazy times. We cannot sit around and allow these times to consume us with sadness because it won’t change anything. We have to adjust and create spaces that elevate us to a positive place. One of the things I am doing now is collecting plants and taking care of them. It’s really relaxing and I love watching them grow, although I am struggling with one of my plant babies. I find a lot of joy in my new hobby.
As a blogger, I take a lot of photos for my blog and mostly for my business, so lately I have been doing location shoots at beautiful places that make me feel as if I am on vacation. This helps me a lot with bringing out my creative side and inspires me to keep it going. My last shoot was at this really cute Airbnb, the Atlanta Tiki Airstream Oasis. This place was super cute and relaxing! We had a ball and Kaylin captured some really nice shots! So, if you need a small getaway without flying on a plane, this is definitely a winner!
Of course, I can’t leave you without my outfit details. The white dress was sold by me at my shop and it has sold out! It is a cute and comfortable baby doll style dress with a relaxed fit. I wore it with a pair of snake print sandals that  I found on the Vince Camuto website for only $39! I went with the green print in the sandal because it was different and green sandals are hard to come by, in my opinion. It has the cutest kitten-heel and comes in five other colors 🙌. Check out my shop the post below and let me know what you do to balance out the craziness that’s going on around you? 
Photos by Kaylin James
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