Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! It’s time for some motivation! I don’t know about you, but lately, things around me have been a little stressful. I am trying to stay away from the word, “depressed” but it’s exactly how I am feeling sometimes. With covid19, the news media, and I won’t mention the real core of the problem (but you know), the world seems really crazy right now. You can’t even breathe without it being political! I could go on and on,  but this post is supposed to be about motivation. So, what I think we all need right now is some peace. How to get peace with all that is going on around us can be a little complicated since we are unable to travel or enjoy most of the things we long to do right now. Have you heard that it’s all about your mindset? Positive thinking has a positive outcome. This is definitely true and undebatable. So, what I have been doing to get some sort of peace is to wear items with positive messages. I have also thought about the idea of creating a vision board for my future inspirations and goals. Reading bible verses, positive quotes, or inspirational books also give me peace. I also have a little prayer box that I add my prayer requests to, daily. Looking through my prayer box is a reminder that it will all be okay. How are you finding your peace with all that’s going on in the world right now?

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