Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday!  October is just a few days away. Time is rolling by quickly and this is one year I will be happy to see leave. 2020 has definitely been a crazy year! I wish I had a Neuralyzer (Men In Black) 😂 to wipe away all memories of this year, but since there is no such thing, I am going to push through the rest of this year with positive thoughts-no matter what! I refuse to allow any negative thoughts to consume me in any way. In the past, I would always read books and articles that focused on self-help and growth.

One of the keys to living a successful and fulfilled life is to keep the right mindset. It all sounds easy, but it’s actually difficult to do, especially when you are faced with life’s adversities. I struggled with anxiety and fear over everything for years. I can’t say exactly when I turned my anxiety and fear around, but maybe it was when I started blogging or when I left my job to do what I love. It could have been when I decided to have an e-commerce store. Somewhere along my new journey, I knew I had to change my mindset if I wanted to be successful.

” I am responsible for every result in my life. If I want different results, I have to change my thoughts and actions.”

I go at everything in my life now with a winning mindset. Even when I am tired and feeling frustrated, I quickly shake it off and continue on my mission. I allow nothing or no one to stop me on this beautiful journey that God had planned for me before I was even born.  Trust me,  seeing is believing, but the only way to see it is to do it! So, if you are always thinking and speaking negatively over your life, that is what you will get. I have witnessed the power of having a positive and winning mindset. It will change your life! This week, challenge yourself to think positive thoughts. You will love the results! Stay motivated and have a great week!


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