Are Face Mask Fashionable?

I love my gingham print mask! (HERE)



Our new normal these days is wearing a face mask. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, wearing a mask is necessary to help slow down the spread of the virus. I feel that if we had listened to science in the beginning, so many lives could have been saved, and just maybe, small businesses would have been able to stay open and we could have business as usual. Wearing your masks help protect you from getting the virus as well as preventing you from spreading it to others. Although I don’t like wearing one, I understand that we have to protect ourselves and others, so I wear one whenever I go out.

What type of mask do I wear? At first, I would wear a regular disposable three-layer mask but there are times when I want to be cute and coordinate my mask with my outfit. I know that for some people, wearing a mask isn’t cute at all and there is no way to make them look stylish. Well… I disagree! FACECOVERUS gifted me 3 fashionable masks last month. I was able to select the prints that I liked. I am totally in love with them. Not only do they offer cute prints, but they also have a triple layer design. The cotton fabric is soft with a built-in nose wire and earloops that stretch and are adjustable.

Visit FACECOVERUS today and buy 4 masks for the price of 3 with code: THREE!

Photos By Kaylin James

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