About Us


My name is Quintan Johnson, I’m a personal stylist and fashion blogger. My passion is sharing fashion, and styles that inspire every woman. I feel that all women are beautiful and deserve to look and feel their best every day!

My style journey starts from my teenage years. My wardrobe was always important to me. As a young woman I had a vision of running my own clothing store. I didn’t know how or if it would ever happen, but the desire was always in my heart. I worked in several retail stores, as a sales representative, visual merchandising, and stylist. But, later worked a 9-5 desk job for over 10 years.

Through blogging I found the strength to step out on faith and do what I love the most. Helping women find the right look for an event, or simply revamping their wardrobe brings me so much joy! Starting my own online clothing store is just the beginning of what Out Of The Box Fashion has to offer!

I am so thankful for my social media, and blog followers, who have supported me form day one! My goal is to provide personally hand-picked styles that are both timeless and affordable. Think of me as your personal stylist. Remember, fashion is everything, but style is how you express yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!

To learn more about Quintan, please visit www.outoftheboxfashion.com